Donald Yaxley Bass Trombone Competition / Kühnl & Hoyer

For trombonists ages 25 and under (birth date of January 1, 1989 or later)

First Prize - 2000 euro gift certificate towards the purchase of a Kühnl & Hoyer trombone

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General Rules and Requirements

Additional Rules

  • Live piano accompaniment is required. No pre-recorded accompaniments are acceptable.
  • Past winners of the Donald Yaxley Bass Trombone Competition are not eligible in the 2015 Yaxley Bass Trombone Competition.

Preliminary Round Repertoire

  • Jacques Castérède
    Fantasie Concertante
    Alphonse Leduc

Final Round Repertoire

  • David Gillingham
    Sonata, movements 1 and 2
    ITA Press / Warwick Music

Past Winners

Year Winner School
1981 Paul Eachus Indiana University
1982 John Wasson University of North Texas
1983 Randy Campora Florida State University
1984 Dan Satterwhite University of North Texas
1985 Bruce Blomquist University of Arizona
1986 Blair Bollinger Curtis Institute of Music
1987 Harold Van Schaik Eastman School of Music
1988 Matthew T. Guilford New England Conservatory
1989 no recipient
1990 Robert Byrd University of Southern Mississippi
1991 Robert Fournier Indiana University
1992 Sergei Fedianin Kazakhstan
1993 Steven Brown University of Illinois
1994 Darren McHenry Juilliard School of Music
1995 Norbert Lazsko Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary
1996 Matthias Dangelmaier Trossingen Musik Hochschule, Germany
1997 Michael McLemore University of Texas-Austin
1998 J. Donald Crafton Catholic University
1999 Joshua Brown University of North Texas
2000 Jeffrey A. Gray Juilliard School of Music
2001 Jussi Vuorinen Sibelius Academy of Music, Helsinki, Finland
2002 Dan West University of North Texas
2003 Zachary Bond Curtis Institute of Music
2004 Michael Brown University of Michigan
2005 Charles Reneau Juilliard School of Music
2006 Matyas Veer Liszt Academy of Music-Budapest
2007 Graeme Mutchler Juilliard School of Music
2008 Daniel Brady Southern Methodist University
2009 Nozomi Kasano Flatt New England Conservatory of Music
2010 Craig Flentge University of North Texas
2011 Christopher Hernacki University of Michigan
2012 Mateusz Sczendzina Hochschule für Musik, Hannover, Germany
2013 Rommert Groenhof Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, the Netherlands
2014 Scott P. Hartman DePaul University