Compose or Arrange Music

Imagine your piece performed by trombonists around the world. This year, the ITA invites you to compose new music in honor of International Trombone Week (ITW) and share it with trombone players via the ITW web site. It's a great way to get exposure for your work.

Brad Edwards and Nick Adams have led the way by sharing music for trombone quartet and octet. Their sheet music is available for your ITW performance (see "Sheet Music Downloads" on the right).

Please join them. For consideration, please send your music as a pdf to the ITW Committee Your work will be reviewed by the ITW Committee. If it is accepted, you will retain the copyright. The International Trombone Association will have your permission to distribute your work via this website and it will be licensed to trombonists for their ITW performances.

We're especially interested in accessible music for younger players.