Submit a Work


ITA Press House Style

If you have an original composition or an arrangement or edition that features the trombone prominently (i.e. solo trombone, trombone with accompaniment, trombone ensemble, etc.) and would like to have it considered for publication by The ITA Press, please use the following procedure:

Submit a camera-ready copy of the composition to:

Bill Rose
Chair, ITA Press Committee
118 Frazar Street
Lake Charles, LA 70605

Or by email to:

If you have a copy of the work in a composition program such as Finale or Sibelius, a diskette containing the file should also be submitted. The typesetting of the work must follow the ITA Press House Styles, available as a download on the ITA website, or by request from William Rose: As a manuscript press, the submission must follow the ITA Press House Styles format, or the manuscript will be rejected.

The ITA Press will not accept handwritten manuscripts, or in the case of arrangements or editions of public domain works, the ITA Press will not accept photocopies of public domain scores or parts (the editor/arranger must produce a new, never published version of the public domain scores and parts in camera-ready format). If a work is based on a public domain composition, or contains elements of public domain materials, the submitter must provide clear and unequivocal proof in the form of a copy of the public domain source. The ITA Press does not accept materials based on compositions, poetry or prose materials which are currently under copyright (including publications or other editions of public domain materials which are taken from a copyrighted source).

You must send a compact disc, mp3 or video recording of the entire work for it to be considered for publication. It is required that recordings be of performances by real trombonists, and not synthesized sounds. Once submitted, all copies of scores, parts, videos and mp3’s/compact disks become the property of The ITA Press and will not be returned to the composer/arranger.

Upon approval by the ITA Press Committee, the Committee Chair then sends a contract to the composer specifying the agreement with the ITA Press.

Once the signed contract is returned to the Committee Chair, the manuscript’s title and composer’s name are entered in The ITA Press Catalog and will be advertised quarterly in The ITA Journal, a publication that reaches nearly 4,000 trombonists worldwide.

The composer receives a 20% commission for each manuscript sold, payable at the end of the fiscal year.

The composer may withdraw the composition from The ITA Press at any time by sending a written request to the Chair, ITA Press Committee.

The composer retains copyright of the work but permits The ITA Press to produce copies of the work, set the price, distribute copies, and collect fees.

ITA Press publications are printed and distributed by the Warwick Music Company, on behalf of the ITA.

Compositions are printed on high-quality, 60-pound, acid-free paper.