2019 Competition Final Results

We would like to congratulate all the winners and finalists of the 2019 ITA Solo & Ensemble Competitions on their performances at the International Trombone Festival, held at Ball State University on July 10-13, 2019.

We also extend our warmest thanks to our first prize sponsors: Conn-Selmer, Dillon Music, Edwards Instruments, the Getzen Company, Greenhoe Trombones, Jūrgen Voigt Brass, Michael Rath Trombones, Schilke Trombones, XO Professional Brass, and Yamaha.

Gilberto Gagliardi Tenor Trombone Competition / Schilke

Winner: Polina Tarasenko

First Prize: $2000 gift certificate towards the purchase of a Schilke trombone

Judges: Jason Hausback, Joseph Jefferson, and Deb Scott

Robert Marsteller Tenor Trombone Competition / ITA

Winner: Pavlo Titiaiev

First Prize: $1000 cash prize

Judges: Lucas Borges, Bill Haugeberg, and John Romero

Frank Smith Tenor Trombone Competition / XO Professional Brass

Winner: Evan Williams

First Prize: 1632RGL-LT XO Tenor Trombone

Judges: Vanessa Fralick, Peter Steiner, and Nathan Zgonc

ITA Alto Trombone Competition / Jürgen Voigt Brass

Winner: Evan Williams

First Prize: $2000 gift certificate towards the purchase of a Jürgen Voigt trombone

Judges: Doug Farwell, Mark Kellogg, and Brian Santero

Larry Wiehe Tenor Trombone Competition / Dillon Music

Winner: Jirajet Thawornsiri

First Prize: $1000 gift card to Dillon Music

Judges: Nathaniel Brickens, Todd Sturniolo, and Steve Wolfinbarger

George Roberts Bass Trombone Competition / Conn-Selmer

Winner: Riley McGinn

First Prize: $2000 gift certificate towards the purchase of a Vincent Bach Bass Trombone

Judges: George Curran, Jared Rodin, and Nick Schwartz

Donald Yaxley Bass Trombone Competition / Greenhoe Trombones

Winner: Adrian Gryciuk

First Prize: $2000 gift certificate towards the purchase of a Greenhoe trombone

Judges: Tomer Maschkowski, Martin McCain, and Jim Nova

Edward Kleinhammer Orchestral Bass Trombone Competition / Getzen

Winner: Adrian Gryciuk

First Prize: $2000 cash prize, donated by Getzen

Judges: Dennis Bubert, Sebastian Cifuentes, and David Wilborn

Van Haney Philharmonic Prize / Yamaha

Winner: Evan Williams

First Prize: Yamaha YSL-871 alto trombone

Judges: Mark Babbitt, Tony Baker, and Jim Beckel

Carl Fontana Jazz Trombone Competition / Edwards Instruments

Winner: David Mosko

First Prize: Edwards Jazz Trombone

Judges: John Fedchock, Nick Finzer, and Freddie Mendoza

JJ Johnson Jazz Trombone Competition / Michael Rath Trombones

Winner: Ethan Cypress

First Prize: Rath Jazz Trombone

Judges: Tony Baker, Ryan Keberle, and Bill Reichenbach

ITA Trombone Quartet Competition / ITA

Winner: Regent Trombones (Huw Evans, Benny Vernon, Jamie Tweed, and Josh Cirtina)

First Prize: $1000 cash prize

Judges: Oscar Diaz, Nick Laufer, Zsolt Szabo

Emory Remington Trombone Choir Competition

Winner: HMT Rostock Trombone Class, directed by Jamie Williams and Tomer Maschkowski

Judges: Jeroen Mentens, Ava Ordman, and James Roberts

Kai Winding Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition

Winner: The MSU Jazz Trombone Ensemble, directed by Michael Dease

Judges: Nick Finzer, Jason Hausback, and Ludwig Nuss