July ITA Journal

The July 2020 4-color issue of the ITA Journal has been published online and is now available in the members-only section. Featured in this issue is, among others:

John Cage Solo for Sliding Trombone: A Computer Assisted Performance Approach
by Benny Sluchin and Mikhail Malt

Did Wagenseil Write the “Wagenseil Concerto”?
by Ken Shifrin

Irv Wagner: ITA 2019 Lifetime Achievement
by Dr. Taylor Hughey

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees: A Few Thoughts on Copyright, the Public Domain, and Music Publishing
by Douglas Yeo

Music in Schools
by Jeff Dunn

General News,The President’s Column, Wellness Note, Nuggets of Wisdom, Pedagogy Corner, Audio/Video/Literature Reviews and much more.

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