Georg Reutter
Ad Te Clamamus:

Arranged by Edited and realised by Richard and Elizabeth Raum; transcribed for trombone by Christian Lindberg; dynamics and ornaments by Ken Shifrin

Tenor (or alto) trombone and piano

Birmingham, , United Kingdom
Publisher: Virgo Music Publishers
Date of Publication: 1991

Score and solo part


Austrian composer Johann Georg Reutter (1708-1772) was considered to be the most influential Viennese musician of his day. While serving as Kapellmeister for the Hapsburg court, he enlisted a young Franz Joseph Haydn for his boys’ choir. He is credited with over 500 works for the church and approximately 27 works for the stage. From his Marian Antiphon, “Salve Regina,” this aria, “We Cry Out for You,” is edited and realized by Richard and Elizabeth Raum. Christian Lindberg transcribed and recorded their work on his CD Trombone and Voice in the Hapsburg Empire. Ken Shifrin edited Lindberg's transcription for this publication. The original text was set homophonically and the performer will benefit from listening to recordings for textual articulation considerations and phrasing. Appropriate ornamentation is realized. With a range reaching to c2, alto and bass clef versions are included providing opportunity for performance on either alto or tenor trombone. The accompaniment can be performed on organ as well as piano. Historically, this was performed during Easter. This is fantastic music and enables the trombonist to study and perform music of the late 18thcentury.

Reviewer: Matthew Driscoll
Review Published January 8, 2019