Eduard Lassen
Zwei Phantasiestücke:

Arranged by Peter Celentano, Jr.

Bass trombone and piano

Vancouver, , Canada
Publisher: Cherry Classics Music
Date of Publication: 2017

Score and solo part


Zwei Phantasiestücke or Two Fantasy Pieces was written by Belgian-born composer Eduard Lassen in 1873. This work was originally composed for bass trombone and orchestra making it one of the earliest Romantic era works for bass trombone. The work consists of two contrasting movements, making it a viable audition or recital piece for both bass and tenor trombone alike. The first movement titled “Andacht” or “Devotion” is a lyrical movement with a focus on legato playing. Difficulties presented in this movement include octaves slurs over diminuendo as well as continuing musical lines across rests. The quasi-rubato passages in measures 60 and 61 are notable. It is not marked in this edition, but many performers have a tendency to take these two measures out of time. The second movement entitled “Abendreigen” or “Evening Folk Dance” contrasts with the style of the first movement, but also utilizes legato articulations. This movement particularly challenges the soloist to create distinction between legato, staccato and full-length notes. Peter Celentano Jr. has clearly marked the intended articulations and performers should exaggerate them. In my opinion, this exaggeration makes for a much more fun and interesting performance. Since the work is only around eight minutes, this piece can serve as a great opener for a recital or as an undergraduate audition piece. Range spans from C to a-flat1. The solo part does not require unusual valve technique, making it playable on both tenor and bass trombone. Zwei Phantasiestücke is ideal for college or advanced high school level students.

Reviewer: Matthew Visconti
Review Published January 31, 2019