Compatible Trios for Church:

Arranged by Doris Gazda and Larry Clark

Bass clef instruments

New York, New York, United States
Publisher: Carl Fischer
Date of Publication: 2015



This collection of 22 trios can be played by any combination of bass clef instruments. The arrangers have selected some of the most popular hymn tunes and set them in their standard harmonizations. “Each hymn is set in a similar manner: an introduction followed by one verse of the hymn [in a simple melody-harmony-bass voicing], and then a second time through with coloration and obbligato parts added for variety and interest.”


The presentation of the material allows for extreme ease of use. The score includes all three parts, so that players may trade parts fluidly. The music is printed at a large standard size for ease of reading. Performance markings are included in all lines of the score. Fewer than three parts can be played and likewise, parts can easily be doubled. There is also a piano/keyboard score available with piano parts and a concert pitch score of the instrumental parts.


The level of technical difficulty is not demanding: most college students should be able to sight read the parts. The range extends from G to g1. The only notable element of difficulty is that there are virtually no rests in any of the parts, in any of the hymns. This could present a fatigue issue if the same three people were to play several hymns in a row, especially with repeats. This will be an extremely useful book for musicians who frequently play in a church setting, church music directors, and/or contractors.

Reviewer: Sarah Paradis
Review Published January 31, 2019