Meredith Wilson
76 Trombones:

Arranged by Tom Camp

Eight trombones

N.p., , United States
Publisher: Tom Camp
Date of Publication: 2016

Score and parts available from Tom Camp:


76 Trombones is a fairly standard treatment of the classic song. This arrangement is not difficult for any of the eight required players but every part is important. An introduction and brief interludes surround the familiar melodies of the original tune. The main melody is passed around, first expressed through a series of bell-tone entrances, then by the first trombones and lower parts in a more traditional fashion. Articulation and dynamic markings and other elements of the score are expressed clearly. The highest note in the first part is b-flat1 and the lowest note in the second bass trombone part is BB-flat. This arrangement is suitable for a strong high school level trombone choir. However, its clever interludes, introduction, and rhythmically interesting treatments of the melodies make it suitable for a college level trombone ensemble as well.

Reviewer: Sean Reed
Review Published January 31, 2019