Joseph M. Russo
double brass quintet

Burlington, Connecticut, United States
Date of Publication: 1991


Joseph Russo is a composer and double bassist who lives in Burlington, CT. His web-site indicates that ‘his works have been performed extensively in the USA and Canada and internationally,’ including a performance of Concordance in Germany in 2010. It’s an interesting piece compositionally, written in an extended tonal idiom and should be well within the capabilities of a good student ensemble. No extended techniques are used.

The key signature of C major is used throughout; seven different meter signatures are used. A short introductory section Andante ends on an augmented triad of c1, g1, e2 and g-sharp2. The main Allegro section goes to measure 85; it is then marked Cantabile (Not too fast), returning to tempo 1 in measure 126. There is frequent use of augmented triads in the earlier section of the piece; diminished chords appear more often in the later part. The music becomes more tonally stable as the piece progresses; it ends on a tutti chord of C major, growing from pp to fff.

Trombone parts are given in bass clef. Range for first is G-flat-a-flat1, second D-f1. One error is identified in m.58; the b in trombone 2 should be tied over the barline. Trumpet 1 tops out at c3, optional e-flat3. Trumpet 3 and 4 and trombone 1 parts call for mutes, unspecified. No publisher is indicated. Presumably score and parts are available from the composer who can currently be contacted via his web-site.


Reviewer: Keith Davies Jones
Review Published January 31, 2019