Mark Ponzo
The Complete Sight Reading Etude Collection for Bass Clef Brass: 132 Etudes - Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced

Montrose, California, United States
Publisher: Balquhidder Music
Date of Publication: 2018

Etude book


The Complete Sight Reading Collection is comprised of 132 short études in bass clef. The method is divided into easy, intermediate and advanced studies, including shifting meters, complex syncopations, and varied forms of articulation. Rhythm seems to be the main priority. Dynamics are not included in the easy and intermediate sections of the book, although fairly detailed articulations can be found throughout. Range extends from G to b-flat¹. 

There are no tempo or style markings. The composer indicates “Elements to Consider” at the beginning of the method that includes practical sight-reading advice like ‘use a metronome’ and ‘start at a moderate tempo.’ For a lesson or an audition, the teacher/adjudicator can decide that any tempo is prudent, testing strong players and giving intermediate players a little more latitude with a slower tempo.  

It seems that, by design, the rhythmic complexity of these études, along with the wide variety of articulations, make them most suitable as sight-reading exercises. This method may be especially valuable for use in classical auditions and preparation for auditions in which sight-reading might be a factor. 

Reviewer: Sean Reed
Review Published February 4, 2019