Anton Bruckner
Motet: Libera me

Arranged by Ralph Sauer

Five part trombone ensemble

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Publisher: Cherry Classics Music
Date of Publication: 2019
URL: http://www.cherryclassics.comu

Score and parts


This arrangement of Libera me is taken directly from the original vocal parts, and transposed from f minor to B-flat minor. The highest note in the first trombone part is d-flat¹, and the lowest note in the bass trombone part is C-flat. Although intermediate players can often handle low and high extremes, endurance might be an issue for them due to the length of the piece and other factors such as extreme dynamic shifts. Both first and second parts contain extended high range passages. The highest note in the third part is g-flat¹. Parts one, two and three are presented in tenor clef.

Careful consideration has been given to articulations and dynamics, but the arrangement is a simple re-working of the vocal parts. They contain enough musical material, counterpoint, moving lines, etc., to be performed alone, but this piece might benefit from an optional transposed organ score.

Reviewer: Sean Reed
Review Published July 12, 2019