Euan Edmonds
Five trombones and rhythm section

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Publisher: Cherry Classics Music
Date of Publication: 2019

Score and parts


Written for the University of Illinois Jazz Trombone Ensemble series, Euan Edmonds’s composition Roxy is a medium bossa nova inspired tune  for 5-part trombone ensemble with guitar, piano, bass, and drums. It has a distinctive bass line with rich, lush harmonies and a soaring melody.

The form is fairly standard for this genre. After a 16-bar introduction the melody is first presented as a solo line in the second trombone part and later harmonized in rhythmic unison by all the trombone parts. Then follows a short vamp that segues to an improvised solo section by second trombone, piano, and guitar. After the solo section comes another vamp, return to the second trombone melody, and then a coda which recapitulates most of the introduction.

Most intermediate to advanced jazz trombonists will be able to manage these parts. The first trombone part spans up to d²; the other parts stay below b-flat¹. The fifth trombone part plays down to F with  optional 8vb and is indicated as bass trombone in the score but can easily be played on tenor. The rhythm section parts require little more than basic comping, and the piano part mostly duplicates the guitar and bass. The chord changes are functionally tonal and fairly typical of what one might expect from a standard bossa nova.

Parts and score are well edited with extra space for markings, rehearsal letters, and well planned page turns. Euan Edmonds’s Roxy is a beautiful composition well suited to most college level trombonists with some degree of jazz experience and will likely find its way onto many recitals, jazz combo and trombone ensemble concerts.

Reviewer: Greg Strohman
Review Published November 19, 2019