Book of Solos:

Arranged by Sam Price, edited by Dr. Brittney Lasch


New York, New York, United States
Publisher: Price & Co. Publishing LLC
Date of Publication: 2020

Book of solo parts. 112 pages.

Primary Genre: Solo Materials

This is a collection of thirty standard repertoire solos for tenor and alto trombone without the piano parts. Eleven are  arrangements and the rest original works, all in the public domain. The latter include: Barat – Andante et Allegro, Berlioz – Recitative and Prayer, Büsser – Pièce en mi bémol, Cesare – La Hieronyma, David – Concertino, de la Nux – Solo de Concours, Gaubert – Morceau Symphonique, Gräfe – Concerto, Guilmaunt - Morceau Symphonique, Pryor – Blue Bells and Thoughts of Love, Rimsky Korsakov – Concerto, Ropartz – Piéce en mi bèmol, Sachse – Concertino, Saint-Saëns – Cavatine, Stojowski – Fantaisie, Weber – Romance, L. Mozart – Concerto for alto trombone, Wagenseil – Concerto for alto trombone. The arrangements include Bach – Cello Suite 1: Prelude and Cello Suite V: Sarabande, Brahms – Four Serious Songs, Galliard – Sonatas III and V, Marcello – Sonata No.1 in F, Massenet – Meditation from Thaïs, Pergolesi – Sinfonia in F, Rachmaninov - Vocalise, R. Schumann – Romance and Telemann – Fantasy in A.

This is an excellent edition in all respects. Editorial markings are well placed and musically appropriate. There is a short, written commentary about the composer and the music before each work. Recommended recordings for each piece are included in a link ( The spiral bound book lays flat on a music stand making it easy and convenient to turn pages. Print and paper quality are excellent, with page turns strategically placed and measure numbers indicated at the beginning of each line.

Reviewer: Karl Hinterbichler
Review Published January 27, 2021