Arthur Pryor
Canhanibalmo Rag:

Arranged by Ken Shifrin and Guy Turner

Tenor trombone and piano

Birmingham, , United Kingdom
Publisher: Virgo Music Publishers
Date of Publication: 2021

Score and solo part

Primary Genre: Solo Materials

Arthur Pryor was an enthusiastic proponent of ragtime, a forerunner of jazz and the most important style of popular music in the early years of the 20th century in America. Pryor’s band was extremely popular in that era and rags were an important part of his concerts. Southern Hospitality, Temptation Rag, Flying Rag, Frozen Bill Rag, Dill Pickles Rag, Razzazza Mazzazza, and Ramshackle Rag are just a few of the numerous rags he penned. His Canhanibalmo Rag dates from 1911. There is a historic recording of the original version for band on YouTube with Pryor conducting:

The publisher states the following about this arrangement: Canhanibalmo is a jokey play on Hannibal, Missouri, one of the big stops for the riverboats of the late 19th century. Having been born and raised not too far away in Saint Joseph, this rag typifies the kind of music Pryor would have heard there and in Kansas City when growing up. Because Canhanibalmo is far less technically difficult than most of his solos for trombone, this clever, light-hearted Rag makes the genius of Arthur Pryor's writing accessible for young players for the first time, as well as serving as an excellent encore for advanced and professional players.

In a May 1921 advertisement by the publisher of the work, Carl Fischer, Canhanibalmo Rag is listed with this description: Chow time in Darkest Africa. Wow! Pryor wrote a number of works for band with racially tinged titles such as Coon Band Contest, Jinga Boo, Smokey Mokes and Mr. Black Man. The arrangement for trombone and piano is by Ken Shifrin (trombone part) and Guy Turner (piano). There is a fine recording of this version by Mike Hall on YouTube: 

This arrangement is indeed playable by younger performers not yet ready for Blue Bells of Scotland. Paper quality and printing are excellent and there is a beautiful full color cover.

Reviewer: Karl Hinterbichler
Review Published July 1, 2021