Richard L. Marple
Fanfare for Trombone Choir:
Trombone Quartet: 4 tenor, 1 bass trombone

N.p., , United States
Publisher: Richard L. Marple
Date of Publication: 2021

Score and parts.

Primary Genre: Trombone Ensembles

Richard Marple wrote and performed his first original compositions while still in high school. He holds degrees from the University of Toledo, studying chemistry and music, while performing as a trombonist in many of the University ensembles. The Fanfare for Trombone Choir was written and  first performed in 1976 at a concert combining the trombone choirs of the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University. He subsequently earned an MD and began a 32-year career as an Army Internal Medicine physician, with successful postings in the USA and Europe. After his retirement from the military, Rick continued his medical leadership in Texas, retiring from medicine in 2020. While medicine was his career, he retained his passion for music and the trombone, performing in many ensembles both in Europe and the USA. He currently plays bass trombone with the Heart of Texas Concert Band in San Antonio, Texas and first trombone in the Heart of Texas Jazz Band. After his final retirement, Rick has returned to composing. His American Unity March just recently re-written, is part of the Heart of Texas Concert Band library. He revised his Fanfare for Trombone Choir and has written and arranged several brass quintets.

The Fanfare for Trombone Choir is not your average short fanfare, but within its six-minute structure, displays a variety of moods, from the rousing energy and high volume of the opening, to the quiet melodic contrast of the middle section. The entire work is quite traditional harmonically, rhythmically, contrapuntally, texturally and structurally. But never in a hackneyed, banal or overly predictable way. Scoring is idiomatic and traditional throughout while taking full advantage of the sonic possibilities of the trombone choir. All parts participate in the melodic material, making it interesting and satisfying for every member. The technical/musical requirements are within reach of a college/university level trombone ensemble. It will make a terrific concert opener. Link to a midi audio file:

Reviewer: Karl Hinterbichler
Review Published August 26, 2021