In 2007 The International Trombone Association announced that a fund raising effort was being re-established to benefit the activities of the important 21st Century Endowment Fund. This is now to become an annual opportunity to contribute to 21st Century Endowment Fund.

Tax deductible online gifts can be made at

A hardcopy donations form can be downloaded here and be returned with a check


The purpose of the ITA 21st Century Fund is to:

  • To enlarge the permanent Endowment Fund of the ITA
  • To supplement the financial security of the ITA
  • To assist with the growth of existing programs, such as the AIM Project
  • To support the competition activities of the ITA
  • To promote awareness of the Trombone internationally
  • To provide for the development of new projects, such as commissions
  • To allow members to be more involved
  • To enhance our archival resources
  • To secure more involvement of trombonists on an international basis
  • To promote research on Trombone-related matters


Irvin L. Wagner at:

University of Oklahoma
Tel:(405) 325-5344

International Trombone Association is a registered not-for-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Federal Identification Number: 23-7306397