Announcing the 2024 ITA Composition Contest

The official poster for the ITA Composition Contest for 2024 includes a black 8 surrounded by gold trombone bells.

We invite talented composers to showcase their trombone writing skills in this unique contest. Composers are invited to submit an original trombone octet of 5-7 minutes in length. The winning composition will be announced in April 2024 during International Trombone Week (ITW). Its sheet music will be available to download from the ITA site at no cost for ensembles that wish to perform it during ITW 2024. Trombone ensembles are encouraged to record and share their performances of the winning composition in celebration of International Trombone Week 2024.

Will you join us and submit a composition?

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October ITA Journal

The October 2023 issue of the ITA Journal is now available online in the members-only section. Print copies will mail on October 2 and please allow two weeks for delivery – and up to 4 weeks for Europe/Asia/South America. Featured in the October issue are, among others:

Navigating the Post-COVID Creative Landscape
by José Leonardo Leon, D.M.A., and José Valentino Ruiz, Ph.D.

ITA 2023 Solo and Ensemble Competitions
by Chase West

The Trombone in the Hard Bop Era (1955–1964)
by Emmett C. Goods, D.M.A.

International Trombone Festival 2023
by Julia Broome-Robinson

The Recitative in Trombone Music
By William J. Stanley

General News,The President’s Column, Orchestral Sectional, Wellness Note, Perspectives on Longevity, Philosophies, Practices, and Pedagogies of Performing Professionals, Pedagogy Corner, Audio/Video Reviews and much more.

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Alex Iles warm-up video now available

Photo of trombonist Alex Iles

This year’s exciting kickoff to International Trombone Week is now available in the ITA video collection. Alex Iles guides us through his daily routines and shares tips and encourages for trombone players at all levels. The video is available to the whole universe to watch!
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July ITA Journal

ITA Journal cover - July 2023 - with Jorgen van Rijen on the cover.The July 2023 issue of the ITA Journal is now available online in the members-only section. Print copies mailed end of June and please allow two weeks for delivery – possibly more for Europe/Asia/South America. Featured in the July issue are, among others:

Carpe Slidem! International Trombone Week 2023
by Colleen Wheeler

Lassus Trombone: Now That You Know, What Do You Do?
by Douglas Yeo

Presenting Our 2023 ITA Award Recipients

Welcome, New ITA Officers and Board of Advisors!
by Ben McIlwain

Farewell to the Beard – an interview with Gerry Pagano
By Jemmie Robertson

Trombone Pedagogy in China, Yesterday and Today
by Li Kuang

General News,The President’s Column, Orchestral Sectional, Wellness Note, Perspectives on Longevity, Philosophies, Practices, and Pedagogies of Performing Professionals, Pedagogy Corner, Audio/Video/Literature Reviews and much more.

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ITA Awards 2023

The ITA Awards Committee is pleased to present Jörgen van Rijen with the 2023 ITA Award. The ITA Award is presented to one individual every year who has greatly influenced the field of trombone in performance, composition, arranging, teaching, conducting, research, and/or service.

The Awards Committee is also pleased to present the 2023 Neil Humfeld Award to Dudley Bright. The Neil Humfeld award recognises one teacher each year who has demonstrated an exceptional level of excellence in their work.

Please read more about these outstanding artists, their achievements and the other award categories. Read more>>

That’s a wrap!

Logo for International Trombone Week

ITW’s 20th Anniversary was April 16-23, 2023. Thank you for celebrating the trombone with us during last month’s International Trombone Week. Our community of artists, organizers, and resource builders created amazing opportunities and welcoming spaces for all. We enjoyed livestreams, multi-day workshops, student recitals, world premieres, jazz radio features, video compilations, warm-ups for the universe, and more. There’s still time to let us know how you celebrated… and you might appear on the infamous ITW map.
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International Trombone Week kickoff with Alex Iles!

Photo of Alex Iles

On April 16 we will kick off the International Trombone Week with an online gathering led by the incomparable Alex Iles!

Alex will share his warmup routine and discuss trombone fundamentals. We plan to shake the universe with a resonant B-flat we create together from all over the world! Participants will receive a copy of Alex’s warmup during the session.

The session is free, and open for anyone interested; young, old, professionals, students – it does not matter!  The only thing you need to do is to register.

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Announcing the Winning 50-second Fanfare

The composers submitted their entries… and the judges deliberated. It’s official:

The winner of the ITA’s 50-Second Fanfare Composition Contest is… Fanfare for the World!

Congratulations to composer David Miller! David’s exciting new work awaits you. Trombone ensembles are invited to download the parts and share their own recordings with the world.

Let’s celebrate 50 years of the ITA… and 20 years of International Trombone Week… together!

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2023 Officers & Board of Advisors Election results

Voting on the ballot for the 2023-2026 ITA Officers and Board of Advisors is now closed and results have been tabulated. The ITA Standing Committee on Governance is honored to report to you the elected 2023-2026 ITA Officers and Board of Advisors. The three-year term for the below slate of officers and advisors will start at the next ITA Annual General Meeting in summer July 2023.

Thank you to our current Officers and Board of Advisors for their leadership and contributions to the Association for the past 3 years. Also, thank you to each of the candidates that appeared on the ballot and were willing to serve if elected.

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Zoom: 50th Anniversary of ITA

On Sunday December 11, 4 PM US Eastern Time (22:00 CET) we will celebrate ITA’s 50th anniversary with a Zoom session looking back on the early years of ITA. When and how did ITA start? And how has the organization developed into what it is today? The first ITA President Tom Everett will tell us about the early years, Stuart Dempster will discuss the various commissions he inspired. Other guests will be Joe Alessi, Irvin L Wagner, Ruben Carughi, Phil Wilson and many more. Come, join us!
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