ITA Student Council

Applications are NOW OPEN for positions on the new ITA Student Council. Be an advocate for your peers and let your voice be heard! The International Trombone Association is starting a Student Council that will serve as a representative body for students around the world to have a voice in the ITA. The Student Council will serve as a platform for students to collaborate with one another and develop shared goals, as well as a means for students to engage with the ITA to bring concerns, needs, and a shared vision for the future to the organization.

Apply today to become a member of the Student Council and help shape the future of the ITA!

Complete your application through the Google Form HERE. You will submit all materials through the Google Form via a link to your document in Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Please ensure sharing settings allow your document to be viewed by the committee. Applications are open to college students of any level, and high school students currently in their junior or senior year. Application deadline is MAY 1st. Finalists will be selected for interviews with the advisory committee, and service in the position will begin in fall of 2024.

Required Application Materials
1. Completed Application – Download and complete the Application Form. It is available through the Google Form, or you can download it directly here.
2. Resume – Prepare a resume specific to the ITA Student Council position. Please limit your details to those that are relevant to this position.
3. Letter of Interest – Write a letter of interest (1-2 pages) that demonstrates why you want to be a member of the ITA Student Council. Describe your past experience in leadership positions, and what you believe you can contribute to the Student Council. Discuss your expectations and vision for the role of the Student Council within the ITA, as well as in the greater trombone community.