Drahos wins in Markneukirchen

Botond Drahos final roundm, Markneukirchen competition

Another major trombone competition just concluded, with Botond Drahos from Hungary winning the first prize. Drahos also was also victorious in the Porcia competition last year. Tim Oewjan from the Netherlands and Gonçalo Nova from Portugal joined him at the podium.

As is usually in major solo competition, the repertoire was demanding, split into a pre-selection and 4 main rounds in one week. The contestants were also challenged to play several pieces outside the standard repertoire, like a new commision by Nils Wogram, Axel Ruoff’s sonata and Reiche’s 2nd trombone concerto as the only choice for the final round with orchestra. 43 trombonists from all over the world made the trip to Germany to play the first round. 18 of them were advanced to the 2nd round, and 5 to the 3rd round, until the 3 prize winners remained for the final. The repertoire included no pieces written by women, though, while the oboists who also competed in Markneukirchen could choose several. This frequently updated collection by Natalie Mannix could be a good place to look for suitable music for future trombone competitions.

Competition veterans triumph

Botond Drahos, Tim Oewjan, Goncalo Nova
3 happy finalists of the Markneukirchen competition.

The Hungarian winner, Botond Drahos, currently studies with Prof. Jonas Bylund in Hanover. He has taken part in youth programs of the Verbier Festival Orchestra and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, and is a member of the prestigious Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra.

Tim Oewjan from the Netherlands studied in Amsterdam, and is principal trombonist of the Netherlands Radio Orchestra. He has already won first prizes the he Getzen Ian Bousfield Solo Competition, the ITF Frank Smith competition, the ITF Van Haney competition 2022, the ITF Alto Trombone competition, and has been a finalist of several others.

3rd prize winner 20 year old Gonçalo Novo from Portugal won the Prague Spring Competition last year. He is currently studying with Prof. Fabrice Millischer at the Freibourg Academy of Music.

Jury, Markneukirchen competition

No less than 7 distinguished trombonists were invited to the jury at this competition: Prof. Henning Wiegräbe, Prof. Matthias Gromer, Prof. Fabrice Millischer, Prof. Louise Pollock, Prof. Ingemar Roos, Prof. Oliver Seifert and Mr. Ko-ichiro Yamamoto. Also in the picture is president Prof. Christian Lampert, French Horn.

Eyvind Sommerfelt

ITA Online News Coordinator
Published 13.05.2024