ITA Award

Previous Recipients

The ITA Award recognizes the highest level of creative and artistic output in areas such as performance, composition, arranging, teaching, conducting, research and/or service.

Selection Criteria
Candidates of the ITA Award should have:

  • Made important and outstanding contributions to the trombone community
  • Demonstrated a high level of creative and artistic output in areas. such as performance, composition, arranging, teaching, conducting and/or research.
  • Demonstrated dedication to his/her profession
  • Commitment or service to the ITA

Selection Process

  • ITA members should send a one-page letter of Nomination to the Chair of the ITA Awards Committee indicating why they feel their nominee meets the selection criteria
  • The ITA Awards committee reviews all the nominations and draws up a shortlist of up to three (3) finalists
  • The ITA Awards committee will prepare a ballot paper and distributes it to the Officers and all members of the Board of Advisors and Council of Past Presidents. If one person serves in more than capacity, he/she may still only cast one vote.
  • The ballot paper should ask voters to place finalists in order (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Officers and members of the Board of Advisors and Council of Past Presidents, who have been shortlisted may not vote in the balloting
  • The winner of the Award must receive more than fifty percent of all votes cast. Should one candidate not receive more than fifty percent (50%) on the first ballot, the candidate with the least vote on the first ballot will be eliminated and a new ballot of the remaining two candidates shall be prepared and distributed to the Officers and all members of the Board of Advisors and Council of Past Presidents
  • If the second and third places are tied on the first ballot, then the candidate with the most second place votes will succeed to the next round
  • Nominations shall be valid for a period of three (3) years

ITA Award Winner

  • The ITA President shall be responsible for informing the winning candidate of his/her success
  • The winner shall receive a commemorative plaque normally presented during the International Trombone Festival
  • Should presentation not be possible at the Festival, the award should be presented at another suitable and mutually agreeable time and location
  • Winners shall receive an Honorary Life Membership of the Association
  • ITA shall budget $500 to assist in travel and accommodation expenses for attending the Festival


  • Nominations must be received no later than December 1st
  • The Awards Committee shall send out the ballot (by mail or email as preferred) by December 15th
  • The Winner shall be announced by January 15th

ITA Awards Committee
Purpose: The ITA Awards Committee shall be responsible for overseeing and facilitating the nomination and election of the ITA Award, Neill Humfeld Award, Legacy Circle Award, Lifetime Achievement Award and Orchestra Recognition Award. The Committee shall also recommend persons, groups, companies or organizations that may be considered for an ITA President’s Award.

Membership: The committee shall consist of three (3) members, appointed by the ITA president, representing the diversity of the trombone community and the International Trombone Association. There shall be at least one member of the ITA Board, one past winner of the ITA Award and one past winner of the Neill Humfeld Award.

An individual may not be appointed to the ITA Awards committee if he/she is a current nominee for the ITA Award and/or Neill Humfeld Award. Should a nomination be received during his/her tenure, the committee member must resign or withdraw from consideration.

Approved by the ITA Board (March 2003)