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The October 2018 issue of the ITA Journal has been published online in the members-only section.

International Trombone Festival 2018
by Taylor Hughey

ITF 2018 Youth Workshop
by Timothy Riordan

Wycliffe Gordon: ITA Award 2017
by Bruce Gunia

2018 ITA Solo and Ensemble Competitions Final Round Results
by Donny Pinson

Higher, Faster, Louder?: Applying Historical Brass Techniques to Modern Performances of Gabrieli’s Music
by Liza Malamut

Brazilian Sound and Fury: A review of the 24th Brazilian Trombone Festival
by Lucas Borges and Marcos Botelho


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Longtime ITA members frequently comment and offer compliments about the evolution of the organization’s printed materials over the years. On the occasion of ITA’s 40th anniversary, it seems appropriate to retrace this evolution and acknowledge those who helped bring us to our “slick” Journal of today.

The ITA Journal has been in production since 1971 with a series of newsletters printed from 1973 to 1980. Published quarterly since 1982, it is edited by Diane Drexler and includes scholarly articles, trombone news, job announcements, and literature and record reviews.