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International Trombone Week

April 3-10, 2022

Everyone is welcome to join the fun. Here are some ideas and inspiration to help you plan your best ITW yet.

Create and share a recording.

Here are just two examples of the many fine ensembles that have done exactly that.

Feed your ears well with quality ITW content.

Play, play, play your trombone!

Here are some sources of free sheet music for ITW:

Create and learn.

  • Practice a new scale, warm-up, or exercise each day. We played through a mode-a-day: Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian.
  • Pay a visit to your well-worn copy of Arban’s.
  • Give your trombone and mouthpiece a good cleaning.
  • Have an impromptu garage concert for your neighborhood while practicing safe social-distancing.
  • Call your grandmother and play her a jazz standard. How about Blue Skies, for example?
  • Share a video of your recital.
  • Wish a front line healthcare hero a very Happy Birthday.
  • Learn to use music notation software and arrange something for a trombone friend.
  • Begin and end each day with a very very long long tone.
  • Read a great article about alternate positions in bebop (I see you, Tony).
  • Record an excerpt using a multi-track video app. Our friend Roger Cutts did that and created a legendary collection of Opera Excerpts!
  • Soak up some rich trombone history with Will Kimball.
  • Share a painting or drawing of a trombone.
  • Do a daily trombone dance-of-joy or a parade through your neighborhood.
  • Listen to this beautiful NPR TinyDesk Concert with Ryan Keberle and Catharsis.
  • Write a poem about your trombone stand.
  • Post a favorite trombone-related quotation.
  • Take a moody photo of your favorite mute.
  • Pose a philosophical question to your trombone colleagues.
  • Go outside, be still, and meditate on trombone goodness.

Stay up-to-date and tell us how you’re celebrating.

Use the ITA’s website, event form, and social media.

Be kind and play big because we’re in this together.

  • Stay healthy by masking up and getting your vaccine. Remember that there are many things you can do without a big crowd.
  • Encourage one another. Follow the fun by visiting this page, and social media such as Twitter @tromboneweek.
  • Listen to great musicians playing great music. You can enjoy many recorded events from past ITWs, too.
  • Play your trombone and have fun. If you don’t know how to play the trombone yet, ITW is the perfect time to start learning.

Enjoy Sandra Boynton‘s wonderful gift to eveyone who celebrates ITW!