International Trombone Week

Logo for ITW2017 You are invited to join this 15th celebration of the trombone!

Here’s how to participate…

Organize or join a local trombone event during the official week (or close to it).

Plan and promote your event using our guide for ITW event organizers.

Tell us about what you’re doing via the ITA event form. We love putting ITW events on the world map.

It’s our 15-year anniversary, and we’re marking it with the launch of Trombone Bank. This exciting global initiative will support charities doing inspirational work through music. This year, our award recipient is the Brass for Africa, and ITW event participants may (optionally) donate any amount toward this great cause.

As always, ITW organizers, event participants, and their vast legions of loyal fans will be able to listen to and learn about the trombone, and maybe even perform as part of a massed trombone choir.

An all-too-brief history of International Trombone Week:

ITW is the annual worldwide celebration of the trombone. Since its beginning waaaaaaaay back in 2003, thousands of trombonists have created and participated in all kinds of home-grown events all over the world. We invite you to make something happen where you live or work this year.