International Trombone Week

Given COVID-19, 2020 is the time to share your love of the trombone *online*. Most people are unable to perform or listen all together–but the world can still enjoy our music.

The official dates are 19–26 April 2020. We’d love to gather what’s happening to celebrate during the entire month of April. current events map for ITW2019

Please be safe and follow best practice where you live. 

Consider streaming a warm-up, a solo you’re working on for a recital–or sharing a link to a past performance video, or an arrangement of a piece for trombone.

Perhaps you want to share your appreciation for the trombone through a painting, a drawing, a poem, an inspiring quotation, a story, a photograph, a presentation in an area of trombone expertise, or an informal conversation about something you’re interested in–like a famous trombone player, mute technique, a brand new work, etc.

Let us know how to find you on Twitter. We’re @tromboneweek

  • Please use #spitvalve
  • The ITW Guide has free music and more.

We’re all in this together. Be kind.