International Trombone Week

There is still time to create your trombone event!

International Trombone Week is here and you can be part of it. Simply share the beautiful voice of the trombone where you live during the official week (April 1-8) and throughout April.image and link to current events map

What can you do to celebrate? There are so many good things you could do. We strongly recommend reading through this giant list of ideas for inspiration and a few giggles.

We’ll help spread the word:

This is ITW’s 16th year! ITW is the annual worldwide celebration of the trombone. Since its beginning waaaaaaaay back in the Middle Ages (2003), thousands of trombonists have created and participated in all kinds of home-grown events all over the world.

We welcome trombone players of all ages and abilities, their secret admirers, passionate advocates, soloists, duos, trombone quartets, brass quintets, trombone choirs, trombone studios, wind bands, orchestras, parading trombone troupes and street bands.