International Trombone Week

You are invited to be part of the fun from April 1-8, 2018!

It’s all about sharing the voice of the trombone right where you are.

Here’s a quick look at the 16th celebration; watch this space for more information as it becomes available.

Organize or join a local trombone event during the official week (or close to it): April 1-8, 2018. If you choose to organize something, see our little guide for ITW event organizers.

Tell us about what you’re doing via the ITA event formWe really-really-really love posting events on ITW world map. Please tell us about what you will be doing even if it’s a bit outside the official date range.

It’s our 16-year anniversary! Organizers, event participants, and their vast legions of loyal fans will be able to listen to and learn about the world’s most wonderful instrument–and maybe even have goosebumps-inducing opportunities to perform in large trombone choirs (‘no promises but we’re hoping a few people will plan to do this).

If you need inspiration, look to past events including:

  • Performances at church gatherings and retirement homes
  • Solo recitals by performers of every level
  • In-person and online performances, masterclasses, lectures
  • Featured trombone soloists with school bands, orchestras, jazz ensembles
  • High school, college, amateur, professional trombone choirs

Sound (and look!) great by visiting our event planning guide. There you can download the official ITW logo, sheet music, press release template, and more for use in your program. Connect with us to share news of your event via the ITA website, Facebook, Twitter (@tromboneweek #spitvalve).

An all-too-brief history of International Trombone Week:

ITW is the annual worldwide celebration of the trombone. Since its beginning waaaaaaaay back in the olden days of 2003, thousands of trombonists have created and participated in all kinds of home-grown events all over the world.

We welcome trombone beginners to professionals, all ages, secret admirers, passionate advocates, soloists, duos, trombone quartets, brass quintets, trombone choirs, trombone studios, wind bands, orchestras, parading trombone troupes and street bands.