Octets for ITW

If you have composed or arranged a work for trombone(s), and would like to offer it for others to perform during ITW, please let us know. Thank you!

The following octets are part of International Trombone Week.

Brad Edwards created seven different fanfares in honor of International Trombone Week (wow!) and made every one of them available for us to perform. Thank you, Brad!

Supporting PDFs and videos follow.

We hope you’ll play your favorite this year and let us know about it.

If you visit Brad’s website, you’ll find excellent resources for trombonists of all playing abilities, valuable tips, and links to his three books “Simply Singing for Winds”, “Lip Slurs”, and “Clef Studies”.

Several spotlight ensembles appear below. We change them occasionally so please visit again or send us yours.

BoneWeek Fanfare VII (2011)

BoneWeek Fanfare VI (2009)

BoneWeek Fanfare V (“Arbington” – 2008)

“Subtitled “Arbington” by trombonist and composer Brad Edwards, trombone players everywhere will quickly hear quotes from various trombone methods and exercises, most notably the Arban’s and Remington warm-up. This performance is by the Atlanta Trombone Ensemble, directed by Mr. Gil Estes as part of their International Trombone Week concert, held on April 6, 2014.” –Gil Estes

BoneWeek Fanfare IV (Tribute to Malcolm Arnold – 2007)

or perhaps you like your fanfare in 3D:

BoneWeek Fanfare III (2006)

You can practice your part using the free scores, parts, and ensemble performances:

BoneWeek Fanfare II (2004)

BoneWeek Fanfare I (2003)