Legacy Circle Award

Previous recipients

The Legacy Circle Award recognizes individuals who have made a profound and lasting impact on the evolution of trombone playing or teaching. Membership to this elite group is reserved for those whose accomplishments have been exceptional in the trombone community. The Legacy Circle Award may recognize the accomplishments of those whose careers predate the founding of the ITA in 1972.

Selection Criteria
Candidates for the ITA Legacy Circle Award shall have demonstrated:

  • A lifelong commitment to the trombone and/or trombone related activities
  • A career that has reflected a commitment to an elite level of excellence and achievement
  • A level of excellence deemed to be exceptional in the trombone community

Selection Process
Nominations for the Legacy Circle Award are submitted by the ITA’s members. The Legacy Circle Award is awarded by a vote of the ITA Executive Board.

A one-page letter of nomination that details why a member believes a nominee should be honored with one of the Association’s awards, and a bio of the nominee, may be sent to the Chair of the ITA’s Standing Committee on Awards at: awards@trombone.net