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After offering print reviews of new material for more than forty years in the International Trombone Association Journal, we are excited to expand to the world wide web via the ITA website, Expanding to the internet offers advantages and solves growing problems as media capability and expectations of readers grow and change.

  • The volume of literature we handle has outgrown our ability to publish reviews in a timely fashion in the quarterly print journal. Our online column enables us to publish reviews within about three months of receipt. This is a great advancement that brings quality evaluation of new material much closer to its release date.
  • Our online column is searchable by everyone, not just ITA members, introducing our instrument and its repertoire to everyone from researchers to surfers.
  • Limits of space are always a concern in the print column. Not so online where reviewers express their evaluations and opinions free of word counts and other space saving limitations.

What has happened to the print column? It remains but on a smaller scale. While all reviews are available online, reviews of the most important new material also appears in the print journal each quarter. We have stopped publishing the ‘New Materials Received’ portion of the print column; it is no longer needed since all materials received from 2017 forward are now accessible online.

We are excited to offer our work this way and for the new era it introduces in our journal. We trust you will find the new format beneficial. Many thanks for your loyal support as we transition our scholarship into this combination of print and virtual offerings.

Mike Hall and David Stern
Literature Reviews Editors

Please submit materials for reviews to:

Mike Hall Old Dominion University
2123 Diehn Center Center for the Performing Arts
4810 Elkhorn Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23529
fax 757-683-5056