News Guidelines

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Guidelines for Submitting Items to the ITA Website
If you have an event or a news item to publicize, please use the online submission forms to submit your item.

A news item includes the following:

  • Providing a recap of an event (a workshop, master class, performance, etc.)
  • Announcing an audition or a job that is open
  • Announcing the winners of a competition, audition, or other contest
  • Advising our membership of a death of a noted trombonist

An event is anything that has NOT yet happened.Please consider the information that a person from
across the world might like/need to know to attend your event. Events include:

  • The premiere of a new piece
  • A recital
  • An appearance as guest artist
  • A performance with a symphony

IN SUM — an event is used to publicize something THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED YET. A news item may be used to recap the event (after it has happened) and may include photos. Please submit photos as JPG files as high resolution as possible. 300 Dots Per Inch is the requested resolution. Lower res files may be suitable for the website, but will not appear in the print quarterly journal.
Please take care when submitting your items (for either news or events) that you include all the necessary information — Who, What, Where, When, Why, How — make certain that you include the location of a concert (including the address if the location is not well known outside of your area) — make certain you include information about ticket prices and availability if tickets are required.
All events and news items will be edited for length, grammar, style, and clarity — while our editors mainly work with the English language — every attempt will be made to translate any items that are submitted in other languages.
The ITA Website is updated constantly — if you submit a complete item — it should be posted to the website in 5-10 working days. If you do not see your item posted in that time, please check back with us to ensure it did arrive safely.
The decision of the ITA News Coordinator is final.