Lifetime Achievement Award

Previous recipients

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes people – living or deceased – who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to the trombone profession over a long career.

Selection Criteria
Candidates of the Lifetime Achievement Award should demonstrate:

  • Lifelong commitment to the trombone and/or trombone-related activities.
  • A career that has reflected a commitment to excellence and achievement.
    Note: Categories of Lifetime Achievement may include but not be limited to teaching, performance, research, composition and service, and may recognize the accomplishments of those whose careers predate the existence of ITA.

Selection Process

  • ITA members should send a one-page letter of Nomination to the Chair of the ITA Awards Committee indicating why they feel their nominee meets the selection criteria.
  • The ITA Awards committee will prepare a ballot paper and distributes it to the ITA Executive Board.
  • The ballot paper should ask voters to place finalists in order (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd).
  • ITA Executive Board members, who have been shortlisted may not vote in the balloting.
  • The winner of the Award must receive one hundred percent (100%) of all votes cast.
  • This recognition will be made only as deemed appropriate, without regard to a prescribed number of annual nominations.