Welcome to the ITA employment page. On this page, you will find listings for orchestral, service bands, academic, and other professional opportunities for the trombonist. When we receive the information, we will do our best to post the listings in a timely manner. For more information about each opening, click on the posted link.

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Recently Added

Opéra Orchestre de Montpellier Occitanie – First Trombone
Deadline: 9/25/20
Audition: 10/12/20

Philharmonisches Orchester Würzburg – Solo Trombone
Deadline: 9/6/20
Audition: See Website

List of Openings by Deadline Date

U.S. Army Blues – Lead Jazz Trombone
Deadline: 7/31/20
Audition: 9/28/20

Cleveland Orchestra – Principal Trombone
Deadline: 8/3/20
Audition: 10/5/20

U.S. Army Ceremonial Band – Trombone
Deadline: 8/10/20
Audition: 10/16/20

Boise Philharmonic – Second Trombone
Deadline: 8/10/20
Audition: 8/31/20

Louisiana Philharmonic – Principal Trombone
Deadline: 8/11/20
Audition: 9/11/20

Düsseldorfer Symphoniker – Solo Trombone
Deadline: 8/20/20
Audition: 9/25/20

Bad Reichenhaller Philharmonie – Solo Trombone
Deadline: 8/21/20
Audition: See Website

WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln – koord. Solo Trombone
Deadline: 8/24/20
Audition: 9/27-28/20

Madison Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone
Deadline: See Website
Audition: 9/3/20

Copenhagen Philharmonic – Assistant Principal Trombone
Deadline: 9/10/20
Audition: 10/15/20

Neue Philharmonie Westfalen – Bass Trombone
Deadline: 10/2/20
Audition: 11/6/20

Göttinger Symphony Orchestra – Solo Trombone
Deadline: Open
Audition: See Website

Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone
Deadline: See Website
Audition: See Website

Theater Kiel AöR, Philharmonisches Orchester Kiel – 1./2. Trombone
Deadline: See Website
Audition: See Website

University of South Alabama – Assistant Professor of Music, Trombone
Deadline: See Website

Berklee College of Music – Jazz Trombone Faculty (Full-Time)
Deadline: See Website

(Postponed) Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone
Deadline: 7/1/20
Audition: 9/13-14/20

(Postponed) Houston Grand Opera – Bass Trombone
Deadline: 3/16/20
Audition: 4/22-23/20

(Postponed) New Haven Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone
Deadline: 5/1/20
Audition: 6/14/20

(Postponed) New Mexico Philharmonic – Principal Trombone
Deadline: 5/17/20
Audition: 6/2-5/20

(Postponed) Colorado Springs Philharmonic – Second Trombone (One-Year)
Deadline: 6/1/20
Audition: 6/19/20

(Postponed) Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone
Deadline: 4/15/20
Audition: 5/5/20

(Postponed) Chicago Sinfonietta – Principal Trombone
Deadline: 3/24/20
Audition: 4/7/20

(Postponed) Portland Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone
Deadline: See Website
Audition: See Website

(Postponed) USAF Heritage of America Band – Trombone
Deadline: 2/24/20
Audition: 4/20/20

(Postponed) Paris Opera Orchestra – Bass Trombone
Deadline: 4/12/20
Audition: 4/27/20

Last Updated: July 28, 2020

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