Quartets for ITW

If you have composed or arranged a work for trombone(s), and would like to offer it for others to perform during ITW, please contact us at itw AT trombone DOT net … and thank you!

These quartets are just part of the story. Learn more about International Trombone Week here.

Nick Adams: It is Well with my Soul

Spencer Schaffer: Oye Como Va

Patrick Cooper Sullivan: Sullivan’s Fanfare

This attention-getting modern fanfare is meant to be played aggressively.

About the composer: Patrick Cooper Sullivan plays Bass Trombone for the United States Army Bands. He also does a fair amount of arranging for the various group within the Army to include: Concert Band, Brass Quintet, Woodwind Ensembles, Jazz Combo, Trombone Quartets/quintets, and New Orleans Style Brass Bands. Patrick will be happy to take questions: thejazzman82@gmail.com