Quartets for ITW

If you have composed or arranged a work for trombone(s), and would like to offer it for others to perform during ITW, please let us know. Thank you!

The following quartets are part of International Trombone Week.

Nick Adams: It Is Well With My Soul

Spencer Schaffer: Oye Como Va

Patrick Cooper Sullivan: Fanfare for ITW

This attention-getting modern fanfare is meant to be played aggressively.

About the composer: Patrick C. Sullivan is a freelance Tenor /Bass Trombone in the North Alabama area. He is a retired Army Band trombone player and arranger. He is an arranger and composer for various groups that play a wide variety of styles. These ensembles and styles include: Concert Bands, Brass Quintets, Woodwind Ensembles, Jazz Combos, Trombone Quartets/quintets, and New Orleans Style Brass Bands. Patrick will be happy to take questions; please visit his website.