Megumi Kanda
The One Hundred Essential Works for the Symphonic Tenor Trombonist:
Trombone (orchestral excerpts)

Maple City, Michigan, United States
Publisher: Encore Music Publishers
Date of Publication: 2015
Language: English

Spiral bound, soft cover. 183 pages


Megumi Kanda, noted soloist and principal trombonist of the Milwaukee Symphony since 2002, has assembled one hundred orchestral excerpts representing forty composers into this publication. The book includes a glossary of German musical terms, pictures/ photos and biographical information on the composers and short background information about each work. Brief pedagogical comments are supplied for each excerpt and corrections are noted if the original published part contains errors. Excerpts that may appear on auditions are marked and memorization is recommended for the most famous excerpts.

There are numerous resources available today for the aspiring orchestral tenor trombonist including recordings, excerpt collections, etudes based on excerpts, on-line recordings/with scores, ITA Journal articles, websites, and public domain individual parts. This book fills in information not readily available anywhere else including some important trombone heavy works that may be difficult to obtain due to various restrictions such as Aaron Copland, Symphony No.3; Dmitri
Shostakovich, Symphony No.15; Bela Bartok, Miraculous Mandarin; and Benjamin Britten, Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes.

The particular excerpts selected here are generally excellent and quite comprehensive; the major audition excerpts are all present. There are a few omissions, works with challenging trombone parts that are usually not called for at auditions: Carl Nielsen, Symphony No.4 (Symphony No.2 is included); Ferde Grofe, Cloudburst from the Grand Canyon Suite (On the Trail is included); Petrushka and Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky (Firebird, L’histoirj, Pulcinella, and Symphony of Psalms are included); Benjamin Britten, Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra (as noted above his Four Sea Interludes are included); and a work frequently programmed in the US, the Ives/Schumann, Variations on America.

The physical attributes of this book are first class all around: clear layout, excellent printing, quality stock, and wire bound for ease of use. Its contents are an excellent adjunct, filling in gaps in existing material on the study of orchestral excerpts. Bravo to the publisher Wesley Jacobs. If not already in the works, a similar volume for bass trombone would be welcome.

Reviewer: Magnus Review Author
Review Published January 31, 2019