Ludwig Milde
Concert Studies (Volume One):

Arranged by Ralph Sauer, editor

Bass trombone or tuba

Vancouver, BC, , Canada
Publisher: Cherry Classics Music
Date of Publication: 2016

Etude book


New from Ralph Sauer and Cherry Classics is a reworking of Concert Studies by Ludwig Milde for bass trombone or tuba. Milde (1849-1913) composed primarily for the bassoon and the 25 studies here represent the first half of his 50 Concert Studies for Bassoon Op. 26 that was first published in 1891. According to Mr. Sauer, these studies were favorites of his former trombone instructor, Emory Remington.


To make these etudes more appropriate for bass trombone or tuba, Mr. Sauer has transposed the majority of them down a perfect fourth, while a few others have been lowered either a minor third, a major third, or an augmented third. He has also made substantial updates to the dynamics and articulations while occasionally altering the phrasing to make them a little more manageable for low brass. However, make no mistake, these studies are challenging. All but two of the studies consume two full pages and most cover around three octaves. Many of them change keys, vary tempos, and incorporate a multitude of dynamic markings. And, since they were originally for bassoon, many idiosyncrasies remain that will be challenging on bass trombone or tuba including large melodic leaps, extensive sextuplet and 32nd note passages, albeit marked Adagio or perhaps slightly faster, and the original trills have been included, specifically for tuba.

These are serious etudes, recommended for advanced undergraduate or graduate level players. The melodic range, FF to a1, requires a bass trombonist with a strong and agile pedal register or a tuba player with a robust and clear high register. That said, they are also musically rewarding and a nice diversion from more common etudes. If you are interested in some of Emory Remington’s favorite teaching materials, and are looking for new challenges, Ralph Sauer’s edition of Ludwig Milde’s Concert Studies are a great place to begin.

Reviewer: Eric High
Review Published January 31, 2019