Reinhold Gliére
Five Duos from Op.53: arranged for two trombones

Arranged by Ralph Sauer

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Publisher: Cherry Classics Music
Date of Publication: 2013


Soviet composer Reinhold Gliére (1875-1956) studied violin and composition at the Moscow Conservatory and later earned a doctorate in art criticism. Considered the founder of the Soviet Ballet, he is known for his larger scale works which include operas, symphonies, and ballets. Borodin and Glazunov influenced Gliére.

Originally for cello, Ralph Sauer’s arrangement of Five Duos Op.53 is nearly identical to the Russian P. Jurgenson edition. Sauer has altered the clefs from the original edition, omitting the treble clef. He changed the meter signature from duet No.2 to 6/4 instead of 6/8. Octaves have also been displaced to allow for the continuation of the melodic line in both parts.

Like much of Gliére’s music, Five Duos were composed in the post-romantic Russian tradition, featuring lush and expressive melodies. Both parts are equal in range and melodic material. Its range is quite expansive, from C to c2. The second part can be played on either tenor trombone with f-attachment or bass trombone. The tempo/style markings of each duet include: Comodo, Con moto, Energico, Animato, and Vivace. Some sections are not idiomatic for the trombone due to wide leaps and quick, broken, arpeggiated segments. Some players may find certain passages challenging, making the duets of interest to trombonists working to improve accuracy, flexibility, range, and endurance. These duets are best suited for the collegiate and professional level trombonist.

Reviewer: Tom Macaluso
Review Published January 31, 2019