Alexander Scriabin
Three Etudes :

Arranged by Ralph Sauer

Tuba (bass trombone) and piano

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Publisher: Cherry Classics Music
Date of Publication: 2018

Score and solo part


Ralph Sauer has expanded his collection of solo piano works arranged for tuba/bass trombone and piano with Three Etudes by Alexander Scriabin (1871-1915). Interestingly, the three pieces that Mr. Sauer has chosen come from two different sets of Scriabin etudes: the first is the opening selection from Trios morceaux (Three Pieces) Op.2, and the second and third are both from the collection of 12 Études, Op.8, numbers 11 and 12, respectively. All of these pieces date from Scriabin’s “early period,” which can be characterized as romantic sounding with relatively common late nineteenth-century harmonic language.

All three of the etudes have been transposed up one-half step from the originals, giving the performer an opportunity to play in more familiar keys. Each is relatively slow, in bass clef throughout, and features manageable melodic ranges for either tuba or bass trombone, BB-e¹. Mr. Sauer has arranged numerous other piano works for trombone and piano and these are in many ways the same; they are wonderful pieces of music in their own right and they introduce low brass players to the solo music of composers they would otherwise not likely have the opportunity to perform. The set will make a nice addition to any recital or the etudes can be performed individually if something short is more appropriate. All three etudes give the performer the chance to work on playing expressively in a romantic idiom.

Reviewer: Eric High
Review Published June 14, 2019