Elizabeth Raum
Violin, trombone, piano

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Publisher: Cherry Classics Music
Date of Publication: 1999 / 2022

Score and parts.


This chamber work originally for violin, horn, and piano, depicting various of the Greek gods, was written for Erika Raum, Phil Myers, and Peter Allen in 1999. This version for violin, trombone, and piano is appropriate for advanced artists. It is a major work from an important Canadian composer who has written much for brass in general and for trombone in particular. The trombone part here represents a transcription of the original part for horn. The music makes use of advanced devices, such as slides, harmonics in the violin, melodies in pitch unison but separated by multiple octaves. In the main it is quite tonal and expressive. While the piano is sometimes used for melodic purposes, it is often given music which supports, rhythmically and harmonically, the melodies of the violin and trombone. A few details of the individual movements: 1: Eos: Goddess of the Dawn. The trombone opens with a fanfare indicating the awakening of the goddess Eos who flies away in her chariot and heralds the arrival of sun god Helios. 2: Moirae: Gods of Fate. The play here is exemplary of the thread of life and its ending. 3: Aphrodite: Goddess of Love and Beauty. This movement has a flirtatious side, reminiscent of a love song. 4: Zeus and Hera: King and Queen of the Gods. Zeus is regal and proud, while Hera argues with him over his many infidelities. 5: Artemis (Diana) Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt. Artemis dances with her nymphs. 6: Hermes (Mercury) of the Winged Sandals. This movement is quick, reflecting the speed of Hermes or Mercury with his winged sandals. Violin and trombone alone. 7: Apollo: God of Sun and Light. The trombone's fanfare calls the gods together in celebration of the god of eternal youth, beauty, and music. Pantheon is a major work, calling for great skill on the part of the performers. Congratulations to the composer!

Reviewer: Philip Brink
Review Published November 25, 2022