2020 Elections

2020 ballot.

In 2020 elections for ITA Officers and Board of Advisors will be held. The elections are open to ITA members in good standing. Please take the time to cast your vote and have your say in who lead and represent our organization!

On March 1, ITA members (*trial memberships excluded) will receive an email from ElectionsBuddy.com with a request to cast your vote.

You can vote for the 1st Vice President (President Elect) or a write-in, 2nd Vice President or a write-in and up to 12 candidates for the Board of Advisors. Every ITA member can vote only once, and all votes will be completely anonymous.  The voting starts on March 1 and will close on March 25, 2020.  The results are expected to be published by the ITA Governance Committee on the ITA website early April.

If you don’t have an email registered with ITA and you want to vote, please contact us right away at elections@trombone.net.

The 2020 ballot can be viewed and downloaded here.