Diane Drexler

ITA Journal Managing Editor
contact: diane@trombone.net

ddrexlerDiane took over the managing editor duties for the International Trombone Association Journal in 2010. Diane brings over fifteen years of experience in acquiring, developing, editing, and managing publishing projects to this position—from books and journals to web sites and educational software. She has worked at Harcourt Brace College Publishers where she developed textbooks and web sites for a variety of social science and arts and humanities disciplines. She managed five to six book packages per year, representing on average $2 million in first-year revenue.
Currently, Diane is the managing editor and production manager for the Wisconsin Historical Society Press, where she manages the editing, design, production and staff for twelve to fourteen titles per year. Many of the books she has worked on have won national awards for writing, design, and production. The Wisconsin Historical Society Press was recently named an Indie Groundbreaking Publisher by the organization Independent Publisher. Diane is also the managing editor for the award-winning quarterly history journal, the Wisconsin Magazine of History.
Diane has long been familiar with the low brass world, having been married to a tuba player for the last thirteen years.