Amy Maclean

ITA Journal Managing Editor

Amy took over the managing editor duties for the International Trombone Association Journal in 2022.

Amy has been in the magazine publishing business since 1997, serving as managing editor for many and varied publications. She is a classically trained professional flutist and has a strong knowledge, comprehension and historical understanding of all types of classical music—from solo, ensemble and symphonic literature to opera and beyond. She currently performs with various large and small ensembles.

Amy worked for several years in New York City as the contracts manager and assistant to the president of Herbert Barrett Management, whose roster at the time included such classical artists as baritone Sherrill Milnes, soprano June Anderson and cellist Zara Nelsova. She interacted on a regular basis with the managements of the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera, Los Angeles Philharmonic, various European venues and other U.S. and European management firms.

Amy also spent more than 20 years in the classroom teaching music (both classroom and instrumental) and Spanish. In addition, she joined the faculty at Fullerton Junior College (Fullerton, California) as an adjunct journalism professor, as well as the music department at the Orange County High School for the Performing Arts (Santa Ana, California), serving as its flute and flute ensemble instructor.

Amy grew up on Long Island and attended Hofstra University, where she received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and studied musicology at New York University, for which she received a full graduate fellowship. She lived in Southern California for more than 30 years and now resides in Southport, North Carolina.