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Composer/ArtistTitle of Composition
Ahn, JeanMicro-Etude
Alvarez, JavierKi Bone Gaku
Alvarez, JavierMambo Vinko
Amis, KennethPreludes for Trombone No. 1 - 5
Amis, KennethVariations
Anderson, Thomas JeffersonMinstrel Man
Apon, SaskiaA Dream of Fire
Baker, DavidConcert Piece for Trombone and Orchestra
Barfield, AnthonyReflections
Barfield, Anthony Red Sky
Barfield, Anthony Here We Rest
Barfield, Anthony Dream Catcher
Barfield, AnthonySoliloquy
Barfield, Anthony Red Sky
Barfield, AnthonyMeditations of Sound & Light
Barfield, AnthonyNorth Star
Barraine, ElsaLamento
Bernofsky, LaurenThe Devils Dermish
Bernofsky, LaurenTwo Latin Dances
Bernofsky, LaurenFrom a Mother\'s Journal
Bochard, ChristelFanfare and Processional
Calvache, CarolinaTrombonsillo
Calvache, CarolinaEncuentros
Calvache, CarolinaEthereal
Calvache, CarolinaEncuentros
Candillari, DanielaExtremely Close
Ceulemans, Iris2020
Chávez, CarlosConcerto for Trombone
Chretien, HedwigeGrad Solo: Andante et Allegro
Coleridge-Taylor, SamuelGypsy Song & Dance
Cutler, ZoeScribbles (for 1 floppy fish)
Cutler, ZoeIt\\\'s Not Just a Phase
Cutler, ZoeBeethoven?
Cutler, ZoeTwenty Tricky Tunes for Two Trombones
Cutler, Zoeprolly
DaCosta, NoelFour Preludes
DaCosta, NoelStreet Calls
Davis, NathanielMr. Trombonology
Davis, NathanielOh, Slip It Man
Davis, Nathaniel Miss Trombonism
Davis, NathanielMaster Trombone
Davis, NathanielTrombone Francais
Day, KevinIgnition
Day, KevinIgnition for Low Brass Quartet
Day, KevinSonata in One Movement
Day, Kevin Fantasia IV
Desportes, YvonneFantasie
Duncan, JohnConcerto
Duncan, JohnDivertimento (with string quartet)
Duncan, John Three Proclamations (with string quartet)
Dunker, AmyThis Magnificent Earth
Dunker, AmyEducated Guess
Dunker, AmyNo Justice Today
Dunker, AmyKarnage
Escalzo, NoeliaFeeling Soul
Fine, ElaineObsequy for Trombone and Piano
Gartenlaub, OdetteTrois Caracteres
Gates, DorothyServant of Peace
Gates, DorothyServant of Peace
Gates, DorothyServant of Peace
Gates, DorothyShaken, Not Stirred
Gates, DorothyDead Leaves
Giffels, AnnSonata
Gillie, GinaScenes from the Bayou
Gillie, GinaTrio for Brass
Gillie, GinaWhimsy for Horn, Trombone, and Piano
Gillie, GinaMountain Ascent for Trombone Octet
Gipps, RuthSonata Op. 80 for alto trombone and piano
Gomez, Alice Concerto di Jazz
Gotkovsky, IdaConcerto
Gotkovsky, IdaConcerto
Gotkovsky, IdaLied
Gotkovsky, IdaRomance
Grant Still, WilliamRomance [originally for alto saxophone, arranged for trombone by Doug Yeo]
Green, Anthonyt(h)rees
Hailstork, AdolphusMonuments
Hailstork, AdolphusJohn Henry\'s Big (Man vs. Machine)
Haroz, AdinaWhy Not?! An Introspection for Trombone and Harp
Hays, SorrelWake Up and Dream
Horton, Emily Fantasy in G MInor
Howard, DaniTrombone Concerto
Howard, DaniTrombone Concerto
Lee, Moon-SeokAri-bone
LOW, Shao SuanSunrise over the Rockies
LOW, Shao SuanToccatissimo
LOW, Shao SuanAfter Midnight
LOW, Shao SuanSunrise over the Rockies
Magin, CarrieCoffee Stained
Magin, CarrieTaleTeller
Mason, QuinnFanfare for 4 Trombones
Mason, QuinnSecond Fanfare for 4 Trombones
Mason, QuinnSuite for Trombone Choir
Mason, QuinnSolitude Chorales, Book 1
Mills, AmyRed Dragonfly
Mills, Amy Red Dragonfly
Mills, AmyCatharsis
Mills, AmyCatharsis
Molla , RicardoWhite Sands
Moore, PhilConcerto for Trombone
Mutter, SusanAges
Naylor, F. JaneBe Strong and Strengthened
Naylor, F. JaneTo Another Time
Okpebholo, ShawnThree Psalmic Meditations
Okpebholo, ShawnExcursions
Pirio, AlonsoSonata
Pirio, Alonso MalikNocturne in Eb
Price, John ElwoodSonata for trombone and piano
Raum, ElizabethOlmutz Concerto
Raum, ElizabethOlmutz Concerto
Raum, ElizabethConcerto for Bass Trombone
Raum, ElizabethConcerto for Bass Trombone
Raum, ElizabethFantasy
Raum, Elizabeth Three Jazz Moods for Trombone
Rueff, JeanineConcertstuck
Rueff, JeanineRhapsodie
Silverman, Faye-EllenCustom-made Shades
Sims, AdrianThe Sword of Orion
Sims, AdrianSanctuary
Sims, AdrianTrombone Quartet No. 1
Stahl, Sonya LeonoreLet Not Poor Nelly Starve
Stahl, Sonya LeonoreSong of the Rose
Stahl, Sonya LeonoreSong of the Rose
Stahl, Sonya LeonoreSolutions
Taylor, TylerChrodae tendineae
Taylor, Tyler Canned for Trombone and Piano
Tremblot de la Croix, FrancineLe Tombeau de Goya
van Appledorn, Mary JeannePassages
Vito-Delvaux, Berthe diConcertino Op. 50
Wagner, MelindaTrombone Concerto
Walker, George Concerto
Wallach, JoelleLoveletter (Postmark, San Jose)
Wilborn, DavidDialogues for Eight Trombones
Wilborn, DavidExcursions
Wilborn, David8 Southern Jazz Duets
Wilborn, DavidFantasy on an Anglican Hymn
Wilborn, DavidReflection & Celebration
Wilborn, DavidSpring Cassation
Wilborn, DavidThe Gift of Little G
Wilborn, DavidJett Stream Blue
Wilborn, DavidArise
Wilborn, DavidConcertino
Wilcher, MarcusShades
York, BarbaraA Caged Bird

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