2021 ITA Competition Winners

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists of the 2021 ITA Solo & Ensemble Competitions on their performances at the International Trombone Festival, held at Columbus State University on July 14-17, 2021.

We extend our warmest thanks to our first prize sponsors: Butler Trombones, Conn-Selmer, Greenhoe Trombones, Greg Black Mouthpieces, Jūrgen Voigt Brass, Michael Rath Trombones, XO Professional Brass, and Yamaha.

We also thank the following individuals who donated publications and lessons as additional prizes: Joseph Alessi, Brandt Attema, Brett Baker, Gordon Cherry, George Curran, Brad Edwards, Matthew Guilford, Brian Hecht, Megumi Kanda, Ilan Morgenstern, Jim Nova, Denson Paul Pollard, and Ben van Dijk

University of North Texas Trombone ConsortiumPhoto of UNT Consortium

Winners of the Emory Remington Trombone Choir Competition

The Chulobones (Carlos D. García, Jose Guerra, Guillermo Navarro, and Eden Garza)Photo of the Chulobones

Winners of the ITA Trombone Quartet Competition

Ivan CheungPhoto of Ivan Cheung

Winner of the Donald Yaxley Bass Trombone Competition

Maarten CombrinkPhoto of Maarten Combrink

Winner of the Carl Fontana Jazz Trombone Competition

Jack CourtrightPhoto of Jack Courtright

Winner of the J.J. Johnson Jazz Trombone Competition

Chance GompertPhoto of Chance Gompert

Winner of the George Roberts Bass Trombone Competition

Tsz Yin (Alvin) Ho

Winner of the Gilberto Gagliardi Tenor Trombone Competition

Zachary NeikensPhoto of Zach Neikens

Winner of the Edward Kleinhammer Orchestral Bass Trombone Competition

Tim OuwejanPhoto of Tim Ouwejan

Winner of the ITA Alto Trombone Competition

Felix Regalado

Winner of the Lewis Van Haney Philharmonic Prize (Orchestral Tenor Trombone)

Polina TarasenkoPhoto of Polina tarasenko

Winner of the Frank Smith Tenor Trombone Competition

Winner of the Larry Wiehe Tenor Trombone Competition

Phillip WilliamsPhoto of Phillip Williams

Winner of the Robert Marsteller Tenor Trombone Competition

The U-Tubesphoto of the U-tubes

Winners of the Kai Winding Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition