ITW Sample Press Release

(Many thanks to Henry Kavett for this press release template.)

International Trombone Week

(Use letterhead from your ensemble/individual performer, or simply use plain white paper.)

IN CONCERT: (insert name of group/performer), a trombone ensemble from/based in (insert where you are based) will perform as part of the annual global “International Trombone Week,” on (insert day & date) at (insert time), at (insert venue and include address).

(insert name of group/performer) includes trombone players from… (insert local background information on the performer or group)

The event will showcase the sound of the trombone, an instrument gaining renewed listener interest through its many venues and musical styles–from live jazz concerts and orchestral film scores, to commercials and late-night TV show bands.

What you hear from today’s trombone players will surprise you!

International Trombone Week,” April 7-14, 2019, is an effort by the International Trombone Association (ITA), to expose millions of people to the sound of the trombone. During the week-long celebration each April, the global trombone community—reaching across political borders and language barriers—will present hundreds of trombone- oriented concerts and recitals. This year marks its 17th anniversary!

Insert local contact & telephone number, email address