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A complete archive of all past ITA Journals & Newsletters is now available in a digital format to all ITA members in the Members Onlysection of the website. The archive contains all publications from the first Newsletter up to the most current issue of the ITA Journal. A full searchable index is available. A regular ITA membership includes a paper version of the ITA Journal and access to the online Journal archives.

ITA members can also opt for an online-only (no paper) membership at a highly reduced rate, allowing online access to the latest Journal before the printing date and access to the online archives.

The online Journal is a quick and convenient way of reading our magazine – no waiting times for shipping, no storage issues and an environmentally friendly approach by not using any paper.

Free trial!

Please feel free to try and test the digital format by accessing our complimentary copy of the 2009 October issue of the ITA Journal. Free Online Journal trial version

Online Archive Search

Archives searches can be made on names of authors, article categories and key words – the search section is accessible for anyone interested in discovering what all past ITA Journals have to offer. Access the search function here.