Alto Trombone Homepage
This resource includes information on literature and equipment, as well as fingering charts for the Eb and F altos.

American Lung Association
Information on respiratory health and the effects of smoking.

Artistopia formalizes the music artist’s approach to the music industry, providing the necessary tools, artist development network, and community on the web for potential success. 

Awesome Trombone Links
The name says it all. Website by Edward Evans.

Becoming an Orchestral Musician
A guide for aspiring professionals covers such topics as Auditions, intonation, ensemble, nerves, coping with conductors, a survival guide to the profession, alternative careers and much more.
Features links, articles and a web forum where you can discuss brass instruments, music, ensembles, and much more. – A Players Guide to Brass Instruments.

Canadian Trombone Compositions
Created by Dale Sorensen, this site includes a categorized listing of literature and a discography.
Italian web portal for classical music: concert info, mp3’s, opera librettos and synopses, news, schools and other resources
This site provides links to musicians from around the world, as well as numerous organizations, schools, and online resources.

Doug Yeo
Doug Yeo has provided trombonists with an invaluable online resource. This site is filled with articles, excerpts, music, and recording information.

Early MusiChicago
Group of early music enthusiasts in the Chicago area.

Earplane – Online Eartraining
Free multilingual online ear training site. Exercises range from beginner through expert. Follow progress on private statistics pages. New exercises every month.

Elision Institute
The Elision Institute is an umbrella organization linking students, professionals, and teachers in all aspects of the music field with the diverse and unique cultures of education, work and life. The Elision Institute website has articles, links and other resources.
Informational site for brass players suffering from embouchure overuse syndrome, chronic playing-related lip pain, lip swelling, and general injury-driven disability

Introduction to Brass Acoustics
This page requires no mathematics beyond multiplication and division, nor any technical knowledge of acoustics.

ITA Journal/Newsletter Index
This web site provides access to searchable databases of all articles, record reviews, and literature reviews found in the ITA Journal and ITA Newsletter from 1973 to the present. Compiled by Jeffrey A. Wardlaw.

Jazz Professional
Produced and presented by Ron Simmonds, a career trumpet player who played in very many of the great British, German and American jazz orchestras

Jazz Trombone Corner
Andre Hayward’s Jazz Trombone Corner
Jack Twomey provides a detailed biography of trombonist Glenn Miller and his orchestra and a recent interview with trombonist/bandleader Chris Washburne.

Lebedev Resource
Biographical information on the composer

Music for Brass
Brass players’ resource maintained by Brad Howland

Music Production Schools
A valuable resource to any interested in a career in music production. Music Production Schools is a general information website with many resources useful to current individuals involved in the music production industry. The site also discusses the offline and online educational paths one can follow to obtain a degree in music production or a related field.

Musical Chairs
A quick-reference, informational music resource consisting of a collection of related music links

Musical Instrument Repair Services
In Tune Musical Services was started in 1998 by Ivan Bowker to cater for all repairs to woodwind and brass instruments – for all players from the beginner to the professional.

Musicians Connected
Dedicated to bringing musicians together. Includes musician injuries information, a “Kids Korner”, quizzes, forums and more.
Site includes many music-related resources, including the ability to interact with the music faculty.
A massive resource which includes information on international competitions, masterclasses, jobs, and auditions

Online Trombone Journal
A volunteer organization dedicated to providing free access to quality information about the trombone and people who play it
Brass playing articles and resources

Quit Day
An article on the impact smoking has on musicians.

Quit Smoking Community
Resources for people who would like information or assistance in quitting smoking.

Recording Brass Instruments
Online article discussing the art and science of recording brass instruments. Originally appeared in “Electronic Musician” magazine.

Riverboats & Jazz
An exhibit prepared by Bruce Boyd Raeburn, Curator of the Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane University.

Sean Brown Music
This website is a display of Mr. Brown”s musical life as a performer and composer/arranger. Here you can purchase compositions and arrangements, request to listen to his works, and inquire about a commission.

Sheet Music Search
Online sheet music

Silk Stockings
A website for a revolutionary new slide treatment

Skin Care for Musicians
Information about skin care for musicians.

Stacy Werblin
Stacy’s site is a dream for those wanting audition information.

Texas School Music Project
TSMP is a service provided by the faculty of the Department of Music at Stephen F. Austin State University.

The Tutor Pages UK
Includes a directory of trombone music tutors in the UK where each tutor writes an article about what they do.

Tommy Shepard Collection
Collection of photographs taken by freelance studio trombonist Tommy Shepard.

Trombone Italia Magazine
Online magazine for Italian trombone players. Contains articles, news, masterclass reviews, directory of Italian trombonists, links, forum and player profiles.

Trombone Music
Sheet music, trombone related items, trombone and brass group CDs and information on the British Trombone Society.

Trombone Page of the World
This is a massive directory of trombonists from all around the world. Created by René Laanen.

Trombone Portugal
Web resource for trombonists
Online trombone orchestral excerpts.
Tom Gibson is the Brass Department Coordinator at Georgia State University. His site has much useful information.

Trombones de Brasília
Site de dicas e informação em Português is a free online magazine for tuba and euphonium players. Articles feature Roger Bobo, John Manning, Steven Mead and more. Also included are classified ads, a discussion forum, a reviews database, and player profiles.

Utah Trombonists
A website for trombonists living in the Utah area and includes a trombonist directory, upcoming local events, local trombone classifieds, and lots of other beneficial information for Utah trombonists. 

Yuen Li Low’s Trombone Website
Intended primarily for the amateur trombonist who is interested in finding out more about the instrument.