Harmonic Revolution: Music for Change

Harmonic Revolution: Music for Change is a new initiative started by Donn Schaefer at the University of Utah. “Justice Fanfare: A music piece to unite people in a good cause” is a trombone octet free for everybody to download, perform, and enjoy. This is an ideal work for multi-track videos.

Commissioned in a time of national turmoil and racial injustice, this project was started to help us find answers to the question “what can we as musicians do to change the world?” Our modest answer was to create new compositions that will be shared freely around the globe. In programming this music, it is hoped that listeners and performers might ask the question, “what can I do to make the world better?”

William Pagan-Perez is the composer of Justice Fanfare. He incorporates elements of Cuban music including a Guaguanco rhythm and Son clave. Optional percussion can increase the Latin flavor of this fanfare.

Download a free copy of Justice Fanfare here: https://williampagan.com/works-for-trombone

If you would like to be involved in the Harmonic Revolution Initiative, please contact Donn Schaefer at: d.schaefer@music.utah.edu

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