Music for Charity

Dr. Thomas W Zugger, Associate Dean, Chair of Instrumental Music, and Professor of Music at Capital University completed a project where music can be purchased not for profit, but for donation to a charity of your choice.

Go to this website, where he has made 19 of his compositions available. Donations are on the honors system. So far over $600 has been raised in the last two months.

The suggested donation for each piece is listed below the title, either $10 or $15.  Once you make a donation, email Dr. Zugger so he can keep a tally.  Program PDF’s are also always appreciated.

Pieces are available for:
Trombone Choir
Solo Trombone
Trombone in chamber music
Brass Quintet
Clarinet solo and in chamber music
Solo Trumpet

If you have any questions or are looking for a new composition with specific instrumentation or difficulty level, email Dr. Zugger for more details.