SliderAsia 2015 Solo Competitions Finalists

A full list of finalists and alternates for the SliderAsia Open 2015 solo competitions has been published below. The live final round of competitions will be held during SliderAsia Music Festival in Hong Kong during 13-19 July 2015.

1501: International Solo Tenor Trombone Open
** FAN Guang Wei (China)  Finalist
** Peter STEINER (Italy)  Finalist
** Janos SUTYAK (Hungary)  Finalist
** YANG Hung Wei (Taiwan)  Finalist
** Jonas LIPPERT (Germany)  First Alternate
** KIM Jong Yun (Korea)  Second Alternate

1502: International Solo Bass Trombone Open
** Jack NOBLE (USA)  Finalist
** Kazuho OISHI (Japan)  Finalist
** PARK Chang Won (Korea)  Finalist
** Aldwyn TAN (Singapore)  Finalist
** Pawin PUNGBUA (Thailand)  First Alternate
** Takumi SATO (Japan)  Second Alternate

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