Women’s day trombone news!

It is time to celebrate the international women’s day! Here are some news and other items featuring female trombonists and composers!

Recently, “The trombone channel” made a video about the shocking story about Abbie Conant and her fight for rights which should be for granted. Here is a disclaimer from Abbie herself, posted by the video creator:

“There is one factual error that I should correct. I didn’t lie about my gender in my 1980 application for the Munich Philharmonic. In fact, applicants back then were required to include a photo with their application. I was living in Italy at the time and had never been to Germany. I didn’t even know that women there could face problems in orchestras and thus had no reason to hide my gender. The reason my application got through is that the orchestra decided to invite everyone and hold the first round behind a screen. This was very rare in Germany in those days, but they were used for my audition because of special circumstances (in the section).
Many thanks to Jack for putting my story into a style that fits the younger generation. Unfortunately, it’s still relevant. Jack’s YouTube “Trombone Channel” is a real service to the community.”

Women have certainly achieved many great things for our instrument in recent years!

In 2019, principal trombonist Helen Vollam premiered Gavin Higgins’ trombone concerto “The Book of Miriacles” with the BBC Symphony orchestra. This substantial work is published on soundcloud by the composer.

On the 2nd of March this year, Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje (1973-) had her award winning and highly demanding trombone concerto “Considering Icarus” (2021) performed by trombonist Karoline Trondsen and the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. Trondsen is a student of the Norwegian Academy of Music. She recently won an audition as trombonist in the Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces, Oslo.

In 2021, SWR Symphony Orchestra’s principal trombonist Mayumi Shimizu released her debut album “Voyage“. The next year, she followed up with her second album, “Fantasie“.

2022 was also a big year for other female trombonists! Bass trombonist of the Kiel Philharmonic Orchestra, Lisa Hochwimmer, released “Deep Hights“. Fellow bass trombonist Clare Farr, of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra “Loud Mouthed Beauty“, including a new work by Bente Leiknes Thorsen. Martha Eikemo Andersen joined Lisa and Clare on a very exclusive list of women in full time positions as orchestral bass trombonists. Martha won her position in the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. On top of that, Isobel Daws released her solo CD of her own name, and the all female “Muse Trombone Quartet” released the album “Song & Dance“.

Hailey Brinnel, Karin Hammar have announced new albums in the near future.

Eyvind Sommerfelt
Online News Coordinator.