Ludwig Milde
Concert Studies (Volume Two): for trombone

Arranged by Ralph Sauer


Vancouver, BC, , Canada
Publisher: Cherry Classics Music
Date of Publication: 2016

Etude book. 53 pages.

Primary Genre: Study Material - etude

Whether the vocalises of Marco Bordogni or Bach’s Cello Suites, trombonists are constantly searching for and borrowing music from other instruments in search of musically rewarding and challenging repertoire. Ludwig Milde was a Czech composer known for his music written for the bassoon, 50 Concert Studies and 25 Studies in Scales and Chords in particular. Milde’s 50 Concert Studies was a favorite of the great Emory Remington of the Eastman School of Music. Ralph Sauer has edited these etudes into two volumes: Volume 1 contains etudes 1-25 and Volume 2 contains etudes 26-50. Both volumes are also available for either tenor trombone or bass trombone/tuba. Being written for the bassoon, these etudes are quite difficult, but they provide more melodic interest than the typical trombone etude book. Volume 2 for tenor trombone contains etudes in a variety of keys, tempos, styles, and articulations. In this edition for trombone, Sauer has added dynamics, changed phrasings to become more trombone-friendly, and included alternate positions to help make the music more fluid. While there are certainly other difficult etude books out there, many of them lack musical interest and seem to be written for the sole purpose of being technically difficult. The Milde etudes strike a nice balance between being technically challenging and musically fulfilling. Recommended for advanced players, college through professional, looking for engaging new practice material.

Reviewer: Russell Ballenger
Review Published June 13, 2023