Antonio J. García
Bones O’ Funk :
For four trombones and optional drum set.

Greeley, Colorado, United States
Publisher: UNC Jazz Press
Date of Publication: 2011

Score and parts.

Primary Genre: Jazz Material - ensemble
Secondary Genre: Trombone Ensembles - 4 trombones

Garcia has penned yet another excellent work for one bass and three tenor trombones (or choir) with optional drum set. This was recently performed at the 2016 American Trombone Workshop by the Virginia Commonwealth University Trombone Choir to an enthusiastic reception. Style and rhythm will be the challenge areas in this “Tower of Power” inspired chart. Articulations are clearly marked and also explained in the score. Mixed meters are sprinkled throughout, requiring the bass trombonist to possess precise and stable rhythmic ability.  Slow ensemble practice will ensure accurate rhythmic interplay among the parts. Dynamics are specific and change rapidly for enhanced acoustic effect. Melody is shared among the parts with “lead” indicated. The form allows for solos on any instrument and is as follows: bass line intro, eight-bar melody that is varied three times, solo section with chord changes and background figures, unison lead-in to “Shout” section, eight measure drum fill, return to “Shout” section, and recap. Scored in d minor, parts are idiomatic and range does not exceed a1. This is a hip crowd-pleaser and the time invested for performance will reward the ensemble.

Reviewer: David Stern
Review Published June 11, 2023