Anthony Genge
Trio for three trombones:
Three trombones

Crapaud, PE, , Canada
Publisher: Pine Grove Music
Date of Publication: 2003

Score and parts. Grade 4/5.


Anthony Genge was born in Vancouver, Canada, in 1952, and is currently Professor of Music at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. He is active as a jazz pianist and his work as a composer is informed by wide-ranging influences. This trio explores the medieval technique of hocket in which the musical line is divided between two or more parts and is based on material derived from a set of motets found in the Bamberg Codex, ca.1300.

It is an interesting and quite challenging piece in a contemporary idiom. Its use of cross-beat accents recalls ‘Milestones.’ Contrast between parts is achieved by their different patterns of accented notes and durations. Written without a key signature, its tonality is developed systematically and it has an interesting symmetry. It begins on an open 5th. The first accidental, b-flat, occurs in measure 2; e-flat is added in m.48, a-flat in m.79, d-flat in m.98 and F-sharp in m.111. From this point on, accidentals are serially subtracted. The piece ends on a tonally ambiguous chord of c1/g1/c2. Good breath control is required - 2nd and 3rd parts have g1 and c1 respectively tied over 12 measures; c2 is tied over the last 5 measures in first part. Ranges are a-c2 for 1st, g-a-flat1 for 2nd f-a-flat1 for 3rd. The score is presented in bass clef, which means a lot of leger lines for 1st; its part is printed in both tenor and bass clefs; 2nd and 3rd parts are in bass.

Reviewer: Keith Davies Jones
Review Published January 31, 2019